Vision & Leadership

Heritage & Values

In 1960, Oakwood Worldwide pioneered the corporate housing industry by recognizing an unspoken need for more flexible, adaptive and thoughtful housing solutions. Today, with that same entrepreneurial and intuitive spirit, Oakwood Worldwide continues to define the corporate housing and serviced apartment category by challenging the status quo. We’re always looking for new ways to deliver more choice, more flexibility and more efficient solutions that help drive the success of the clients we serve. We’re searching for new technologies to make our services more accessible from anywhere in the world. And we’re making investments in innovation, continuing our long-standing commitment to providing a world-class experience for our clients and guests. Which means you can count on us for progressive, reliable solutions delivered with the expertise and vision to take you and your company anywhere you need to go.

Senior Leadership

  • Howard_Ruby

    Howard Ruby

    Chairman, Founder and CEO

  • marina-lubinsky

    Marina Lubinsky

    SVP, Shared Services and Chief Information Officer

  • Chris-Brenk

    Chris Brenk

    SVP, Financial Services and Chief Financial Officer

  • kevin boisjolie

    Kevin Boisjolie

    Vice President, Oakwood Apartment Management

  • pat-hintze

    Patricia Hintze

    Vice President, Global Sales

  • tracy-levitt

    Tracy Levitt

    Vice President/General Manager Operations

  • Joan McCarthy Mack

    Joan McCarthy Mack

    Vice President, Insurance Housing Solutions

  • christine-moore

    Christine Moore

    Vice President Global Marketing, Communications and Revenue Management

  • leslie-obrien

    Leslie O’Brien

    Vice President/General Manager Operations

  • Dean-Schreiber2

    Dean Schreiber

    Managing Director, Oakwood Asia Pacific, Ltd.

  • tj-spencer

    T.J. Spencer

    Vice President, Sales

  • greg williams

    Greg Williams

    Vice President, Operations