Global Scale & Inventory

Our Industry-Leading Inventory

We’re committed to finding the right solutions for our clients and guests

In addition to the inventory of properties we manage, Oakwood Worldwide has invested in an extensive supply chain of over 1,300 housing providers. Through this network we offer access to the world’s largest inventory of corporate housing and serviced apartments, allowing us to provide you with a virtually unlimited selection of accommodations in more than 70 countries and in all 50 states. Our unmatched global footprint, paired with our dedication to local market expertise gives us the flexibility to create responsive solutions that meet the demands of businesses and business travelers around the world.

United States & Canada


With our global headquarters in Los Angeles and more than 40 regional offices across the country, Oakwood Worldwide’s presence and capabilities in the United States are unrivaled. Through two well-known brands, Oakwood and ExecuStay, we offer the most choice of move-in ready corporate housing designed to meet the needs of organizations with long- and short-term travel and mobility programs. Whether you have a large intern group staying in one of our exclusive Oakwood branded properties in Chicago, a consulting team rotating through New York or an entertainment group on long term stay in L.A., Oakwood Worldwide has the breadth of offering, local expertise, implementation and account teams to make each stay a success.

Oakwood Worldwide has invested in on-the-ground teams and a regional office in Toronto to lead our continued expansion in this region. Our personal relationships with suppliers and ability to tour each apartment in our portfolio ensures an unmatched level of quality with the Oakwood brand anywhere in Canada your organization needs to be.

Latin America


As more companies expand their scope to include Latin America, they look to Oakwood Worldwide for innovative housing solutions and industry-leading local market expertise. With sales and service representatives dedicated to this region, we have personal relationships with destination service providers and our apartment suppliers as well as an understanding of cultural and regional nuances. Our investment in this personal touch enables us to offer the largest network of corporate housing and serviced apartment options across Chile, Peru, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Costa Rica and Venezuela.



With regional headquarters in London and a network of properties across Europe, Oakwood Worldwide is able to fulfill the housing needs in top business destinations through the region. Our team of more than 75 associates, located in-region, speaks 12 languages and specializes in accommodations and unparalleled client support across all of Europe, with a strong presence in Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden and Switzerland, among others.

The evolving world of business has seen the remarkable rise of the Middle East and Africa as powerful centers of commerce in recent years. That makes Oakwood Worldwide’s presence in the region an important resource for companies seeking to capitalize on the growth of opportunities available there. We continue to invest in new housing solutions throughout this evolving corner of the globe.

Asia and the Pacific (APAC)


As the Asia Pacific region continues its growth as a center of world commerce, the demand for innovative, comprehensive corporate housing and serviced apartment solutions has also increased. So more companies are looking to Oakwood Worldwide as a corporate housing partner for more than accommodations, but also local insights and expertise, plus ongoing support to help insure success in this vital region.

Oakwood Worldwide operates regional headquarters in Singapore and has invested in 28 branded properties across China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, the Philippines and Thailand. Here, guests receive the same great quality matched with a high level of community amenities, providing more opportunities for networking outside the typical business environment.

In addition, Oakwood Worldwide offers access to hundreds of additional corporate housing and serviced apartment accommodations across the Asia Pacific, ensuring that our clients are able to stay right where they need to be to offer the ideal location, and value, for both the traveler and the company.